The Komodo dragon.

The world’s largest living lizard. An apex predator, this fearsome individual can top 10 feet in length, and has been known to achieve upwards of 300 pounds in weight. If (when) he snaps at his prey, venomous anti-coagulants become part of the equation. These gigantic monitor lizards of Indonesia will indeed devour a humanoid biped every now and then, perhaps leaving unconsumed the odd camera of an unwary tourist.

Devil, Tasmanian.

The well-known savagery of the Tasmanian devil is well on display. The devil’s got quite the bite…the most powerful of any carnivorous marsupial on the planet, and near the top for any predator.


The Tiger quoll, an extraordinarily ferocious marsupial beast when it’s not busy being absurdly cute and beguiling, has the second most powerful bite force quotient of any living predatory mammalian carnivore in the entire goddamn world. So….jeez.